The Coterie owners, Ben Glover and Rhyan Wardman have today announced that the Coterie will be sponsoring the Wine Provenance Trophy at The Marlborough Wine Show 2018.

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The Wine Provenance Trophy judges three wines entered across multiple vintages, made from the same vineyard, varietal and style. The aim is to encourage, recognise and reward wine brands of high quality that also reflect a consistency of style over time as well as agability.         

The Coterie is right behind the ethos that Marlborough has the capability of producing world class wines that can compete on the global scale.

“The Wine Provenance award stands for many of the same principals that The Coterie stands for - exceptional quality and innovation in our winemaking. It feels pertinent to what we are also trying to achieve.”, said Rhyan.

The Coterie is a hub for premium, contract winemaking. The winery is certified organic and located on the Wairau Terrace, looking towards the Richmond Ranges. It’s a winery built on transparency, innovation and collaboration.

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